Handle multi-Cloud
Storage in parallel

CloudMonster is a PHP script and developed to handle multiple cloud storage in parallel. Much of the list focuses on uploading a file to several cloud storage at once.

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Lots of Unique Features

Cloud Monster offers a number of unique features that you may need. Study each of the following
features carefully and understand the power of the cloud monster

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12+ Drives Supported

Supports over 12 cloud storage services that are most useful to you.

Large File Uploads

Full support for uploading large files to cloud storage via chunk upload.

Scalable & secure

Created to fit a large number of files as well as external traffic.

Extensive statistics

Provides extensive statistics on uploaded files and access to those files.

Rich Control Panel

The cpanel is well designed to make it easy for you to handle all the tasks.

100% Source Supplied

The source code is not encoded at all, you can make changes as you fit.

Google Drive


One Drive










Cloud Storage Services Supported
by CloudMonster

CloudMonster supports more than 12 cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Uptobox, Doodstrean etc.

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Extensive Support For File Operations

Cloud Monster supports parallel uploading, renaming, moving and deleting files on Cloud Drive, as well as creating, renaming, moving, and deleting folders in the cloud drive in parallel.

However it is based on the API provided by the relevant cloud service.

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File Links Never Die

Sometimes the files you upload to the cloud storage will be removed by the relevant service for certain reasons. (due to copyright issue or due to long time inactive ) In that case it may be annoying to re-upload the relevant files and update the relevant links on your main website.

But this is not a problem for you who use cloud monster and we provide fixed links for each cloud file. It also automatically detects dead files and facilitates easy re-uploading of files.